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Waxing Rhapsodic About Kandy

I first met Kandy Lozano about three years ago at the Malibu Cook's Tour, another one of my favorite events of the year, where for a reasonable donation to a good cause (the Malibu Methodist Nursery School) you get to spend relaxed time in several magnificent homes and savor a tasting menu from local eateries in each of them.

As if that wasn't enough, many homes display significant art and some even have the artists on the premises. In 2000 my breath was taken away by Kandy's encaustic art, and by her warmth and generosity in taking the time to talk to me. I ultimately took some private lessons from her and learned more than I could have hoped for. She even let me assist her in making a huge batch of encaustic, stirring vats of melting beeswax mixed with Damar resin until it morphed from a sticky, globby mess to a smooth, honey-like texture. I am so delighted that she has agreed to be part of Make Art in L.A. 

Kandy's workshops will be held in her fabulous Malibu's a long and winding road well off the beaten path, but worth every minute spent getting there. 

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